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What People Are Saying About Kentucky Guardianship Administrators



“I have worked with Don McNay and his company, Kentucky Guardianship Administrators, for well over 20 years. Don’s advice and assistance in constructing and handling the purchase of structured settlement plans has been invaluable both as a vehicle to promote settlement of cases and as a way to protect the proceeds of settlement for the future benefit of the clients. Perhaps less well known than his expertise in structured settlements is the assistance he provides for families with profoundly disabled loved ones through Kentucky Guardianship Administrators. We have frequently asked the company to stand as limited guardian or conservator for an incompetent client. Don’s company then manages the funds received, setting up accounts such as special needs trusts to protect all government benefits and also assists the family in managing the care of the client, becoming an invaluable and continuing resource for the family. While I know and respect others in the field, I will continue to use Don’s talent and expertise to benefit my clients and my practice.” 

-Steve O’Brien, Lexington, Kentucky


“When representing a child, it is crucial for the jury to know that the damages awarded will be protected. KGA gives the attorneys, parents and jury the confidence of knowing that the child’s money will be protected. I applaud Don and Clay for providing this needed service.”

-Richard Hay, Somerset, Kentucky


“Over my career, I have always obtained the appointment of a conservator for minor clients. I prefer non-family conservators, because then there is more assurance that the money will be used for the minor. My first call in these situations is to Clay Bigler, who has acted as conservator for most of my minor client cases for more years than I care to count. Clay is easy to work with and is always prompt in his responses, provides outstanding service with structured payouts to minors, explains the procedure to the families, and takes care of the necessary paper work. He has my highest regard.”

-J.T. Gilbert, Richmond, Kentucky


“I’ve relied upon Don McNay as my law firm’s structured settlement consultant for almost 30 years. Our cases have involved the typical personal injury cases and the most complex multi-party catastrophic injury and death cases. On every occasion, the McNay Settlement Group has provided the highest quality structured settlement benefits for my clients.”

-Sam Davies, Barbourville, Kentucky


“Don McNay is an original, provocative voice taking on all of those who would get rich off our ignorance and feelings of financial desperation.”

-Gary Rivlin, New York, New York


“I have worked with Don McNay for over 30 years. He has helped me help my clients in ways that are immeasurable. He has been with me in more mediations and settlement conferences than I can count. Don’s insight into the financial ramifications of the case and his sensitivity to my clients needs have been invaluable in getting many of my client’s cases settled for full value. But maybe even more important, Don rarely stops there. After cases have settled Don has stayed on board and helped with structured settlements, special needs trusts and other financial devices to help insure that my client’s are able to manage their money in a way that provides them with long term financial security. Don is the best there is at this not only because he has unequaled financial knowledge but because he has a big heart and he truly cares about each and every one of my clients. Don McNay is the best of the best.”

-Bill Garmer, Lexington, Kentucky


“About 30 years ago my brother and partner, Hugh, began working with Don McNay, and I continue today working with Don and Clay. So our firm has a multi-generational relationship with the McNay Group and we have never been disappointed. Don and company always bring value to our clients."

-Charlie Moore, Owensboro, Kentucky


“Don is always learning and teaching as evidenced by the extraordinary credentials and experience he carries. Whatever the financial issue, Don has already thought about it, studied carefully, and generously shares his wise counsel. You may not always like his advice, but you can’t help but love the advisor.”

-Bob Babbage, Lexington, Kentucky


"Don has a tremendous knowledge of estate planning techniques and I refer him to my clients. He has a natural connection and communicates well with my friends and clients in Eastern Kentucky."

-Paul Collins, Hazard, Kentucky

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