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Kentucky Guardianship Administrators are New Orleans bound to speak at 2014 National Conference on Guardianship  


Tuesday, October 14, 2014




This October 18 - 21 at the New Orleans Marriott is the annual National Conference on Guardianship for NGA. Angela Luhys, Don McNay and Clay Bigler are set to speak at the event, representing Kentucky Guardianship Administrators. 


Their presentation is titled "Lessons that Guardians Can Learn from Handlers for Lottery Winners & Professional Athletes." Keep your eyes out next week for more news straight from the Big Easy.


Kentucky Guardianship Administrators LLC is nationally recognized as a leader in helping disabled people and juveniles handle a settlement and live within their means. Executive Director Angela Luhys has been nationally recognized for her work as a special needs trust administrator, and Clay Bigler and Don McNay are nationally recognized experts concerning Qualified Settlement Funds and Special Needs Planning. Bigler and McNay frequently serve as conservators for juveniles or legally incompetent people who are in litigation or who receive an injury settlement.


Seminar Synopsis: "Don McNay, award-winning syndicated columnist & Huffington Post contributor, has written four best-selling books on how to handle your money when you win the lottery. He will head a panel on how the techniques used to guide lottery winners and entertainers are utilized by KGA to help injured people and juveniles who receive money."






Don McNay, Founder of Kentucky Guardianship Administrators LLC, will speak on "The Five Things to Do When You Win the Lottery."


Clay Bigler, Associate of Kentucky Guardianship Administrators LLC, will speak on Qualified Settlement Funds and Special Needs Trusts.


And Angela Luhys, Executive Director of Kentucky Guardianship Administrators LLC, will conclude with "Using the Five Lottery Concepts for Practical Guardianship Situations." 



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